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Wellbeing at The Rivers Secondary College Kadina High Campus

The Rivers Secondary College community recognises that learning and wellbeing are intrinsically linked and is committed to ensuring that a culture of wellbeing underpins each student's educational program, assisting them to fulfil their potential as individuals. As a school community we implement a range of initiatives to support students’ wellbeing and build essential skills that will benefit them now and into their future.

Our staff team that supports students includes:

  • Both Deputy Principals
  • School Counsellors
  • Head Teacher Student Wellbeing
  • Year Advisors 7 - 12
  • Student Support Officer (SSO)
  • Learning and support teacher (LaST)
  • Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO)
  • Careers Advisor
  • Chaplain
  • Girls Advisor
  • Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)
  • Support Unit (Special Education)
  • The Learning and Support, Wellbeing and Aboriginal Education Teams

All staff at The Rivers Secondary College are committed to ensuring that every student feels safe, supported and cared for.

Wellbeing programs

The Rivers Secondary College community is committed to providing effective individual and whole school student wellbeing programs.

Features of our supportive school programs include:

·         Relationships between staff and students that celebrate diversity, model acceptance and show respect

·         A Year Advisor for each cohort who provides guidance and support for the students in their year group and acts as a point of contact for parents and carers

·         An on-site psychologist (School Counsellor) available every weekday

·         A behaviour management framework based on the principles of Restorative Justice to promote safe and supportive school environments

·         A designated Wellbeing Room that students are able to access for additional support

·         The Enhance Program and Learning Space designed to provide additional learning support in a safe and inclusive environment

·         Peer support program to create positive connections between year groups and support Yr 7’s transition to high school

·         Year group and leadership camps where students can build relationships and challenge themselves

·         Various mentoring programs to guide and nurture students

·         Regular events that celebrate diversity and cultural identity

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support

The Rivers Secondary College Kadina High Campus is committed to closing the achievement gap for Aboriginal students and we have a long-standing relationship with our local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and broader Aboriginal community. Our campus offers a range of supportive initiatives including:

- A full-time Aboriginal Educational Officer (AEO) and Aboriginal Identified Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who work closely with Aboriginal students and their families to provide the best possible educational outcomes for our students

- A rich history of NAIDOC celebrations led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students including the annual NAIDOC Cup where all campuses in the Rivers Secondary College converge for a day of sporting celebrations

- The ‘Bro Speak’ program which is a ten-week wellbeing program for our male students designed to help nurture and celebrate Aboriginal identity

- A committed Aboriginal Education team

- The ‘Beyond The Broncos’ attendance program which aims to improve school attendance rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

- Learning support offered to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, including in-class support, individualised learning, and mentoring from Aboriginal staff members. Each student has their own Personal Learning Pathway (PLP) which is updated regularly and outlines student strengths, support structures and short and long-term goals.